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Have you had “The Talk” yet?

By Malcolm Graham | 14 June 2021

Save in Taxes: How to Save $500 in Taxes

By Malcolm Graham | 8 June 2021

It Doesn’t Matter What Your Will Says

By Malcolm Graham | 4 June 2021

The Wealthy Barber: A Great Resource

By Malcolm Graham | 26 March 2021

This is older quality however the message from Dave Chilton is still the same. This is super applicable to what I do, so I am providing this for general listening.

Thank you Kitchener Rangers

By Malcolm Graham | 26 March 2021

I am pleased to announce that I have won the award, “Rangers Community Assists” from the Kitchener Rangers. for more information check out the article on the Rangers website, Rangers Community Assists: Week 1 Winner Announced.

Round Tuit

By Malcolm Graham | 5 March 2021

You said you’d do it when you got a “Round Tuit”. Well, here’s Your Round Tuit! Let me guess.  For years, the recurring thought pops up from time to time, that your affairs are not in order. The will isn’t finished, or maybe it needs to be rewritten, thoughts of final arrangements for a funeral …

Round Tuit Read More »

Treat Your RRSP’s The Way You Treat Cross Border Shopping

By Malcolm Graham | 5 March 2021

 If you’re like my family (and most Ontarians for that matter) then once or twice a year you probably end up across the border in the US.  Be it for business, a vacation, sports tournament, etc.  Regardless of the reason for the visit, at some point, some shopping occurs.   My wife loves Target in particular.  …

Treat Your RRSP’s The Way You Treat Cross Border Shopping Read More »

Avoid This TFSA Mistake!

By Malcolm Graham | 24 December 2020

Did you know Episode 1

By Malcolm Graham | 17 December 2020

Should you be RRIFn?

By Malcolm Graham | 12 December 2020
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